The young man burst out of the church doors following the Sunday services, leapt the stairs leading into the entrance, ran up to the Pastor and proclaimed he had seen God. For months he had been attending services searching for that sign of just what God was and how God existed in his life. At this news, many parishioners standing by crowed around and excitedly asked the young man, “where did you see him”, “what does he look like”? Puzzled at their inquiry, he calmly answered,

I saw him in the reflection of the  while receiving the Blood of Christ, and he looks just like….well…… ME

You see, in order for us to build on our faith we have to know exactly where is the starting point. WE are the starting point; our existence in this world begins with God. He knows us even before we are conceived and born. He is born in us and we in him.

The last few articles I have submitted were a call to action for us to study our Bible discern our faith, expand on our knowledge. I have invited anyone and everyone to feel free to contact me on ways to do this, and having no response, I guess my next question is…do you know what God looks like? What does God look like to you? Do you feel him within you? Has it ever occurred to you that when you exemplify his word to others you become the face of God? I guess what I trying to get at is this, before we can progress in our formation we have to have a solid understanding of what God looks like to us. I see him in every face of this Parish and hope he is seen in me.

I would like to ask everyone to pray for the Vestry during this time of transition. Ask God to smile upon us and guide our hand as we select the next Rector for this Parish.

And Also with Y’all,