Good People,

When you read this I’ll be gone. On vacation.

I won’t be gone long but wanted to say a little something before Jennifer and I embark on what will be the longest time we’ve been away together since the birth of our first child! It would be a great understatement to say that we are excited. However, I couldn’t help but look to see what I would have been preaching on this Sunday. What I found as the epistle reading really knocked me out. Sometimes Paul says the strangest things but in his letter to the Romans he lays out for us the truth of discipleship and begins with this statement. “Let love be genuine.”

Two weeks ago, when Bishop Seage installed me as Rector of St. Peter’s By The Sea I looked up to see 220 people wearing white sunglasses I knew one thing to be certain. The love was not just big. It was genuine! As I read Paul’s wisdom to the church in Rome I was reminded of how living the truth of discipleship is not a foreign concept to the good people that gather here. I am hyper-aware that the believer’s life is not always easy. In fact, at times it can be downright inconvenient and seemingly impossible. But the love is genuine so I’m not worried. I have all the faith in us as we journey, as we pray, as we program, as we give, as we receive, and as we look for ways to help those that find themselves in the path or wake of any storm.

I’m ready to go. But I am also so ready to return. To our church. To our worship. To our work.

Big, Genuine Love!

Father Patrick