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Good Stuff Happening

It has occurred to me this morning that there is some really good stuff happening at St. Peter’s By-the-Sea over the next few weeks. Most of this will be in your newsletter but I just wanted to underline and highlight a couple of things that I am especially excited about.

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The One Enthroned in Heaven Laughs

Psalm 2:4, “The One enthroned in heaven laughs.” Isn’t that a great verse? God has a sense of humor. God laughs! Have you ever seen the face of an orangutan? God thought that one up! That proves he has a sense of humor. Do you want to be more like God? Learn to laugh!

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The Fear of Man

The fear of man strangles us, because we can never please everybody; but the fear of the Lord frees us, because it challenges us to live and serve for an audience of One.

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