The Book Club will meet on Thursday, March 3, at 10 am in the Parish Hall where we will discuss Jodi Picoult’s book, Leaving Time. This book covers interesting topics such as family relationships, clairvoyants and elephants. Many of Picoult’s books have appeared on bestseller lists and she has a regular following of readers.


Picoult’s novel explores grief, memory, and motherhood through the unlikely lens of elephant behavior. Jenna Metcalf was three years old when her mother, Alice, disappeared from the elephant sanctuary where she worked as a researcher. Ten years later, Jenna is ready to launch a search. After poring over her mother’s research journals, consulting the Internet, and visiting her father in the mental institution where he’s been since shortly after the disappearance, she enlists outside assistance from Serenity Jones, a once-famous psychic whose gift appears to have deserted her, and Virgil Stanhope, the gruff, alcoholic ex-police detective who was once assigned to Alice’s case. With their help, Jenna finds new evidence at the now-closed sanctuary and begins to piece together the events of the night her mother disappeared, leading her to a few uncomfortable truths about the past, but bringing much-needed closure to her and her dad. The pachyderms are as complex as the humans, making the journey memorable and poignant.

April Book Selection: Circling the Sun by Paula MClain